Crinoline (3d Stereoscopic Book) por Denis Pellerin

Crinoline (3d Stereoscopic Book) por Denis Pellerin

Titulo del libro: Crinoline (3d Stereoscopic Book)

Autor: Denis Pellerin

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Denis Pellerin con Crinoline (3d Stereoscopic Book)

Críticas A very special and wonderful book with enlightened research unveiling fascinating facts ... Great examples of 3D pictures totally in keeping with its historical importance, complete with 3D viewer. --Dame Zandra RhodesQueen guitarist, astrophysicist and wildlife campaigner Brian May is a man of diverse interests, but his latest project, a book on the history of crinoline, is perhaps his most astonishing yet. --The Daily TelegraphRock star Brian May reveals the hidden world of the crinoline in magnificent Victorian 3D. --Art Newspaper Reseña del editor In 2016, the London Stereoscopic Company, under the direction of its proprietor Dr. Brian May, will publish its first book on fashion!In keeping with the magical and mysterious themes which characterize this highly original, and quality driven publishing list, our contribution to fashion literature is far from conventional. Crinoline: Fashion's Most Magnificent Disaster is about a fashion which died a natural death more than 100 years ago, and was itself responsible for the deaths of thousands - literally fashion victims! This beautifully packaged volume also comes in a slip cover and includes a 3-D viewer. Ver Descripción del producto